Top 4 Types of Online Chatting Sites

When people search for online chat sites, there are many that comes up, but in general there are 4 mainly categories of online chatting sites that people should look out for and know the difference and to see what works for them. Because the term online chatting sites and Compasses a few different types of chatting here we break down the four top categories so people know what is best for them and what they want to try with varying results. And we also list some of the pros and cons of each for the online visitor to be more informed.

Chat Room websites: chat room sites have been a long for a while and there are different types of chatroom sites, such as chat groups and chats about a myriad of subjects. But for dating there are specifically chat rooms for singles males and females. The chat room sites specifically for singles to meet and chat online by typing on a computer or smartphone are a most common types of chat rooms specifically for dating.

Phone Chat Line Websites: phone dating chat sites are basically chatting with other people through the telephone, but with the modern internet age people actually use websites to find the phone numbers, then they call through on the phone either through a home phone or cell or smartphone. Perhaps this is more associated with adult dating sites in the past, however sites that offer live chats with singles through the telephone still exist and are going strong.

Dating websites: Perhaps considered a form of online dating, websites where users logon from desktops have been around for decades, fully featured with chat and messaging options. However, most dating websites nowadays aren’t just standalone websites anymore, most have APPS or mobile versions where users can access from their smartphones and chat with others, individually through messaging or Live chat.

Smartphone APPs and websites: Newer onto the scenes, dating apps tend to be smartphone and location based, where users access online chat with others through the phone web connection and often find other profiles based on proximity. There are also hybrid Apps where the dating community is mainly on the smartphone apps but profiles can also be accessed through a traditional website.

Within the top 4 types of online chatting sites and APPS mentioned above, there are further subcategories in each, but now that the main categories are most clear, the avid dating single can choose which options are best, and its common to try a few options at the same time to see what is right for you!

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