How Phone Dating Chat Lines Work

Phone dating Chat Lines work by giving callers phone numbers to call in and talk to other singles who are either local or Nationwide. Male users pay to use the chat service while females use for free, however male users usually get 30 to 60 minutes free trial then pay for continued use. Female users get to use for free in because the dating chat line service wants to encourage more users over, there can sometimes be more male users than female users, so women get a free pass!

Calling the chat lines can incur long distance charges so there will either be a toll-free number or local numbers for cities across the United States.

Callers are typically given a profile where they can record their greetings, introduce themselves and let other people listen to it, and vice versa the user can listen to other male or female greetings. The greetings can be giving the user’s name, saying how that person’s day went, what that person is looking for, etc. Other users then listen to the greeting and can decide to respond with a message or skip to the next person.

The other option given is the Live chat room in the phone chat line service, which is where users can talk to callers Live, and where a lot of fun can happen.

How Phone Dating Chat Lines Work

Why People Still Use Phone Dating Chat lines

With all the choices of dating websites, one would wonder why people still call to chat by phone? Ironically, it’s because so many dating sites and apps are filled with fake profiles, hired users to pretend to carry conversations, to chat bots and spam, it’s actually hard to find a real person! That is the big irony in it all, you would think that it’s easy to find men and women online, but it can actually be hard. It’s not to say that people will instantly find someone right away with phone dating, you still have to try, but at least you know a chat robot or automated response cannot pretend to be a real person! Not yet anyways, but that age can also be coming soon!

Chatting by phone with a Live person is the next best alternative to making a connection and chatting with a real people. For this reason, phone dating by calling a chat line still thrives, people want alternative ways of talking with men and women. Dating by phone chat lines also serves a niche where people with limited mobility, or people who can’t travel far or often, can still make conversations with others. Dating is not always about looks, it’s about carrying a conversation, connecting with a person by talking, appreciating the other persons intelligence, then if chance permit then a meeting can be arranged later on.